Privacy Policy

Concord is firmly committed to safeguarding personal information entrusted to us by our clients. We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive and unequivocal Privacy Policy that meets and exceeds any applicable provincial or federal laws. The Privacy Policy found below outlines the handling of sensitive information by Concord. Please take a moment to review the measures we undertake, we value your responses and suggestions.

We only obtain and keep the information necessary to perform credit adjudication in relation to credit products offered by Concord.

We receive this information directly from the applicant via a physical application filled out at our office in Vaughan, Ontario; or via a secured web-based application tool.

We only share the information received from the applicant with credit reporting agencies for the purpose of evaluating the applicant’s credit standing.

We never share, disclose or sell any part of the information provided by the applicant to any third party entity, other than a credit reporting agency without their written consent.

We seek to protect our clients from identity theft or any other type of fraud by ensuring formal and thorough identity confirmation processes.

We only use the information entrusted to us for purposes that are in compliance with or are prescribed by applicable provincial and/or federal laws.

We may seek to use the information for the purposes of collection or other type of contract enforcement solely in compliance with any applicable provincial and/or federal legislation.

We may use the information to solicit our current or former clients to purchase products offered by Concord or any of its agents.

All information is stored in a secure location and/or electronically on a dedicated, secure server.

All access to private information is restricted only to Concord staff and is not shared, disclosed or viewed by anyone unaffiliated with the Concord credit adjudication process.

This privacy policy is effective as of June 1st 2016. Should any changes be introduced by Concord an updated version shall be made available on our website