Concord Line

Line is an innovative borrowing solution that is simple, flexible and affordable. You only pay for the amount you need and only for however long you need it. We do not look at your credit bureau when making a decision, instead we base our approvals on your cash flow. Applying does not hurt your credit, in fact paying back on time may help improve your score and general credit standing. You may reborrow up to $1000 at any time, and funds get deposited straight into your bank account. So get a Line and get on with your life!

Concord Loan

Get a fresh tradeline on your bureau with no upfront costs. Our savings loan allows you to build up savings and may help to improve your credit. Once you sign up for our savings loan we commit a corresponding amount to a deposit certificate at a bank. As you make payments you gradually gain access to your savings. No loan setup fees or small print here, start for as low as $25 per month and watch your savings and credit grow. You may cancel and withdraw your funds at any time!

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